Update 17

I haven’t done an update since October. So here is a round up of what’s changed since!

Three new academic articles have been uploaded

1. Contesting the ‘authentic’ community: Far-right spatial strategy and everyday responses in an era of crisis (Ince, 2011)

This article discusses AFA and the IWCA’s strategy in displacing and replacing the far-right as the radical alternative.

The idea that voting alone will eliminate far-right and fascist politics is fundamentally flawed. Politics takes place in the hearts and minds of people; in their streets, communities and homes. The struggle against the far right is in part a struggle over the spatial articulation of and claims to authenticity in differing understandings of working class values. Authenticity, I argue, is primarily a politico discursive tool to which competing politics lay claim, perching on the ill-defined border between reality and artifice.

2. The Politics and Culture of FC St. Pauli: from leftism, through antiestablishment, to commercialization (Petra Daniel & Christos Kassimeris, 2013)

Transforming football stadia to political arenas is an old phenomenon, particularly, when clubs boasting a glorious past are involved. FC St. Pauli has certainly been instrumental to developments in its immediate environment though not so much for its success on the pitch, as for the socio-political views that its fans have been projecting ever since the mid-1980s. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to contextualize the same fan (and club) ideological background that has attracted worldwide attention in the light of the game’s contemporary transformation.

3. ‘The birthplace of Italian communism’: political identity and action amongst livorno fans (Doidge, 2013)

Since the 1980s, there has been a shift to the right on the curve of Italian stadiums. Livorno stands apart as one of the few Italian clubs to maintain a resolute Communist identity. They draw on a variety of Communist images and this helps define their actions. Through political protest, charity and matchday choreographies, Livorno fans reflect and resist specific aspects of football in a globalized world.

New Posts

Visit the La Zineteca: Punk and Ska Fanzine Library, issues of Leeds United anti-fascist fanzines are now available here, The Big Issue revealed evidence of police infiltration of AFA, read what Class War had to say on Red Action and the IWCA and visit the fantastic anti-fascist resource blog called Lewisham ’77.

I have also posted two Red Action articles: Time to Dump Multi-Culturalism and Red Action on Multiculturalism.

Liverpool based Cairde na hEireann have published a report on anti-Irish racism in 2012. I found a great article on Celtic Fans Against Fascism  read it here and, lastly, I found an interesting article on Red Action and it’s support of the militant Irish Republican movement.

New Book

In the time since the last update an invaluable new resource for those wishing to learn about militant anti-fascism has been published. Largely an oral account, Physical Resistance by Dave Hann is now available. My thoughts on the book are also viewable here.

Your Archivist

Lastly, since October we have received 35,000 more views taking the archives total page views to 85,000; from New Zealand to Mozambique to Chile to Kazakhstan to Ireland and Canada.

The Archive has also received generous donations and with these funds I am looking to move to a much better, custom website in the near future.


The Archivist.


Update 16

Small update but an important update in the world of anti-fascist archiving؟

Firstly, the Red Action Archives are now online. An enormously interesting and important website. Check it out and trawl through it!

Secondly, a huge thanks, again, to SM who has provided a large number of academic articles on fascism and anti-fascism. The subjects include: National Socialist Black Metal, fascism and anti-fascism in the USA, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Huddersfield; the politics of punks and unionism in the United States.

Next on the list is a Workers’ Fight pamphlet published in 1972: Racialism and the Working Class.

I have also uploaded three Red Action Bulletins.

Lastly, I have also written a review of the AFA Ireland pamphletUndertones.

I can give you some lovely statistics though! Firstly, having hit 50,000 views, I have a monthly breakdown of views and, next, a map of countries which have viewed the Archive.





Update 14

Huge update this week thanks, again, to J. 

  • There is a new picture of French  militant anti-fascists.
  • Reposting of an article from Non Stop Apartheid Picket  about AFA’s defence of the picket
  • Lots of new stickers from Red Action, the IWCA, AFA, Connelly Society, TAL, the SWP and Workers Power! – Thanks J
  • Lots of new fascist stickers from the NF, Third Position, Independent Ulster Movement and the Patriotic Vegan and Vegetarian Society! – Thanks J
  • Couple of new newspaper articles on fascist activity in Scotland from 1991 and an article from 1994 on a Nazi gig being stopped (Articles with “<<” after it). – thanks to J
  • A load of local bulletins from Notts, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Tyne and Wear. – Thanks to J
  • A new post containing various Red Action publications.
  • 11-15 new leaflets on the Freedom of Movement, race attacks and the jailing of three anti-fascists.


I have created some geographical posts:

  1. Birmingham Anti-Fascists – contains their leaflets and a document on why they resigned from AFA, plus more
  2. Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Action – leaflets and a document on their activity, plus more
  3. Glasgow Anti-Fascist Action – leaflets on who they are and why they do it, plus more
  4. Leeds Anti-Fascists – interesting memo on World in Action claims on infiltrating Leeds AFA, plus more
  5. Leicester Anti-Fascists – document on an AFA conference
  6. Brighton Anti-Fascist Action – three interesting and heated letters between AFA and Searchlight.


Update 13

Another update. New pictures, new videos and new literature.

I am hoping to pick up the Red Attitude collection tomorrow, so the next update will be uploading the rest of the fanzines.

In this update you can find:

Weekly Update 12

Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you to the person who donated £10 to the Archive.

A number of New Essays have been added, these include:

  • Blackshirts in Scotland
  • “Class before Race” British Communism and Race Relations post-war
  • Black Youth Rebellion in Modern Britain
  • British Communist Party and the Limits of the State in Tackling Racism
  • CPGB, Rock Against Racism and Youth Culture
  • CP and Race Relations in late 1960s
  • CPGB and Youth Culture 1976-1991

Last update saw a lot of material on the 1997 International Conference AFA held. A Fighting Talk Special which was published prior to this conference has been added.

A second part to the scrapbook has been uploaded. This contains more newspaper articles on fascism and its enemies.

From the Scrapbook Part Two I have added new fash stickers (15-19).

I have made an edit to my thesis on the request of an interviewee. This can be found on page 33.



The Archivist.

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Weekly Update 11

More additions have been made to the Archive, again thanks to SM.

  1. A large number of leaflets have been added to the new ‘leaflets’ post. See below for a list:
  • Nothing to Lose but your Lollipops (AFA, 1994)
  • Pat Crerend He’s Yer Man! (Red Attitude suppliment, ?)
  • Red Action Manchester Bulletin #9 (Red Action, 1994)
  • The Independent Working Class Association (IWCA, 1995?)
  • Tories in Flight Jackets (AFA, 1995-1997?)
  • Whats the Best Way to beat the Fascists? The Working Class, Anti-Fascism and the SWP. (Red Action, 1991-1992?)
  1. Large amounts of material regarding AFA’s 1997 international militant anti-fascist conference.
  2. I have taken a decision to add methods for the Archive to support its self financially. Every year the archive must be paid for, new material costs money and improvements cost money. I’d like the archive to be financially independent so that its future is secure. I’m recommending a £3 donation for people who use the site for research purposes or, simply, because they want to help. This is why the Sabcat adverts  and the donation buttons have appeared.
  3. To recognise the invaluable effort of individuals who provide material to this archive I have begun a ‘contribution score’ on the left sidebar.
  4. A new picture of a Blaggers ITA t-shirt has been added to the anti-fascist merchandise page.
  5. A picture used in Beating the Fascists has caused a bit of a storm!

Update 10

This update is largely thanks to SM who has been providing material for the archive since is beginning in February. Cheers!