Weekly Update 7

There have been a few new posts in the last weeks, mainly videos. I have also reorganised the “anti-fascist” and “fash” sections; visit these to see all the new videos plus other updates.
There has been other material uploaded.

The Archivist

Weekly Update 6

Bit bored of revision at the moment so I thought I’d put some new material I’ve recently found.

I’ve got loads left to be uploaded. In June I’m going to put up the remaining material and re-organise the blog.

Some new additions:

Also, check out the fantastic documentary on French anti-fascist gangs!

Weekly Update 4

Nothing new has gone on the archive for two weeks now despite me having a ton of stuff at home. I’ve been writing my dissertation so the scanning has taken a back seat unfortunately. I have been paid my friend to do some scanning for me as I don’t really have the time but my measly student loan doesn’t stretch far. Don’t worry though as it will all eventually go up!

Please link the archive to facebooks, twitters etc etc so more people can learn the history.

However what I can bring you are some stats!

Total number of Views: 16,357 — The archive began on the 2nd of Feb.

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Weekly Update 3

Here is a list of updates:

  • Searchlight literature has been put in its own post.
  • Ratchatcher: a documentry on an ex-NF member turned ANL (who subsequently turned AFA) has been uploaded to the internet from a discovered tape of the original.
  • Cable Street Beat: a magazine covering anti-fascist music! Visit the link to see three copies.
  • A new history of European anti-fascism book is in the works, covering the period 1914 to the present.
  • The final issues of Fighting Talk have been uploaded!!!

Thanks for everyones continued support!

Coming soon: The Intel Files and The Scrapbook.

Do you have corrections? Dates? Additions? Stories? Images? Simply comment them beneath the post or email them to antifascistarchive@gmail.com and I will amend accordingly.

Weekly Update 2

The past week gone has seen a few new additions to the archive.

  1. The blanks have been filled in the fighting talk collection.
  2. The World in Action documentary on anti-fascism is final available for all to watch!
  3. Information about picture 6 in the Collection of Beatings post has been supplied by Pedro.
  4. TAL fanzine and Celtic anti-fascist information has been helpfully supplied
  5. An old picture of Joey Owens has been added
  6. A new various AFA literature post
  7. Pre-War articles on anti-fascism
  8. Some fascist stickers have been added too

Thanks for everyones help and supporting messages!

Your devoted Archivist

P.S. the website has had a whopping 8500  views up to now!

An Introduction

I am writing my third year university dissertation on anti-fascism in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. I’ve been privileged enough to been given access to a wealth of images and literature which I thought I would share for everyone to see. The thesis will be finished by the 24th April 2012.

This blog will be a nice little archive of the material I’ve received before they go back to their owners. I think it’s important that there is a central archive of the anti-fascist material published by organisations such as Anti-Fascist Action and Red Action so that all can see them and this small part of history won’t be lost.

If you have any images, literature, stickers or thoughts please send them to: antifascistarchive@gmail.com

Do you have corrections? Dates? Additions? Stories? Simply comment them beneath the post or email them to antifascistarchive@gmail.com and I will amend accordingly.


The Archivist