How To Use the Archive

This archive contains dozens of pieces of literature and photographs. It might seem difficult to navigate. However I have tried to make it so there are many roads leading to destinations.

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  • To view all the posts go to ‘Home section at the top bar.
For those who are following this blog regularly:
  • Check the “updates” to find new additions to past posts. You can do this either via the “Your Archivist” category or the tag update“. Both of these are in the left sidebar.
For those new to this site: 
  • There are three categories (found below here), select one to narrow your search. Or…
  • There are choices in the bar at the top. Or…
  • Use the tags, found in the left sidebar, for an even more specific search.
In sum:
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Section Bar
  • You can translate the Archive via Google translate here

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