Intelligence Gathering: Bugged BNP Meetings

BNP meetings were bugged in order to gain intelligence for Anti-Fascist Action and Searchlight. The buggings have been discussed in No Retreat.

The recordings are not 100% and I am working on subtitles for them. I suggest you wear headphones.

But they provide an interesting glimpse into the lengths anti-fascists would go into and their ingenuity. To extent the buggings were useful in terms of putting the information in use in physical action is not 100% clear.

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BNP Meeting (April, 1990)

BNP Meeting (May, 1990)

BNP Meeting (June, 1990)

BNP Meeting at Mother Macs (June, 1990; Manchester)

BNP Meeting at Mother Macs (Oct, 1990; Manchester)

BNP Meeting (2nd Feb, 1992)

Interview with Mark Jones (May, 1990)


Gordon Gee: Intelligence Gathering

This post contains two recordings of phone calls with Manchester BNP organiser Gordon Gee in November, 1990.

Searchlight journalist, Steve Tilzey, dupes Gee into, first, believing he is Terry, a BNP official, and secondly, following a Searchlight article using the intellegience gathered, David Howarth, a BNP security officer.

This recording includes comments on Holocaust News and National Socialism. “JT” is mentioned this is BNP leader John Tyndall.

This recording hears Tilzey telling off Gee for having a mole within his organisation

The recordings may be quiet. I suggest using headphones, earphones or speakers. Turn the bass down too.