Weekly Update 11

More additions have been made to the Archive, again thanks to SM.

  1. A large number of leaflets have been added to the new ‘leaflets’ post. See below for a list:
  • Nothing to Lose but your Lollipops (AFA, 1994)
  • Pat Crerend He’s Yer Man! (Red Attitude suppliment, ?)
  • Red Action Manchester Bulletin #9 (Red Action, 1994)
  • The Independent Working Class Association (IWCA, 1995?)
  • Tories in Flight Jackets (AFA, 1995-1997?)
  • Whats the Best Way to beat the Fascists? The Working Class, Anti-Fascism and the SWP. (Red Action, 1991-1992?)
  1. Large amounts of material regarding AFA’s 1997 international militant anti-fascist conference.
  2. I have taken a decision to add methods for the Archive to support its self financially. Every year the archive must be paid for, new material costs money and improvements cost money. I’d like the archive to be financially independent so that its future is secure. I’m recommending a £3 donation for people who use the site for research purposes or, simply, because they want to help. This is why the Sabcat adverts  and the donation buttons have appeared.
  3. To recognise the invaluable effort of individuals who provide material to this archive I have begun a ‘contribution score’ on the left sidebar.
  4. A new picture of a Blaggers ITA t-shirt has been added to the anti-fascist merchandise page.
  5. A picture used in Beating the Fascists has caused a bit of a storm!

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