Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Action

This post will contain material from Edinburgh AFA.


  • Anti-Fascist Action: leaflet detailing who Edinburgh AFA are and their aims.
  • Anti-Fascist Action: another leaflet detailing who Edinburgh AFA are and their aims.
  • Edinburgh AFA Press Release regarding a No Remorse convert which was cancelled because of EAFA’s activity.
  • EAFA’s poster for a public meeting with German anti-fascists

Local Anti-Fascist Action Bulletins

Anti-Fascist Action branches produced local bulletins and here are a few.
Naziwatch: a North West Anti-Fascist Monitoring Network bulletin. Check it out! Courtesy of JH
Attitude: a bulletin from Leeds Anti-Fascist Action. Courtesy of JH

Marching Altogether: a LUFC anti-fascist fanzine

Anti-Fascist Bulletin: a bulletin from Hertfordshire AFA – thanks to SM

Fighting Talk: Edinburgh – thanks to J

Fighting Talk: Glasgow – thanks to J

Unity: a bulletin from Notts Anti-Fascist Alliance – thanks to J

Fighting Fascism: a bulletin from Birmingham Anti-Fascist Alliance – thanks to J

Tyne and Wear Anti-Fascist Association – thanks to J

Manchester United Anti-Fascists Newsletter: a bulletin from MUAF – thanks to SM

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