Fascism and anti-fascism in 1930s Manchester

Manchester's Radical History

The following article on Fascist leader Oswald Mosley’s humiliation by anti-fascists at Belle Vue is reproduced by kind permission of Manchester University’s Centre for Jewish Studies, and is by Michael Wolf of the anti-fascist periodical Searchlight. The introduction to the article is based on an article by Yaakov Wise, also on the CJS website.

One of Manchester’s most unpleasant claims to fame is its connections to Sir Oswald Mosley, the founder of the British Union of Fascists and supporter of Hitler and Mussolini. Mosley Street in Manchester city centre is named after his family – although not after Oswald Mosley himself. Early meetings of BUF were held in Hyndman Hall on Liverpool Street in Salford and rallies held at Queen’s Park in Harpurhey.

In 1933 a BUF meeting at the Free Trade Hall descended into rioting between fascists and anti-fascist communists and was broken up by police…

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The Hook (Manchester Docks Rank and File Bulletin)

This post contains copies of The Shipcanal and The Hook a left-wing rank and file workers’ bulletin of the Salford Docks.

They have given to me by my grandfather and as they are not available online anywhere else, here they are! Now they’ve been uploaded I intend to give them to the Working Class Movement Library in Salford.

Issue One of The Ship Canal – shipcanal1

Issue Two of The Ship Canal – shipcanal2

Issue Four of The Ship Canal – shipcanal4

Issue Five of The Ship Canal – shipcanal5

Issue One  (1971)


  1. May 14th Strike Action
  2. Job losses on the docks
  3. Wage reductions on the docks
  4. Container Boats
  5. More Jobs losses
  6. Strike at Klein Bros in Salford

Issue Six (1974?)


  1. Nationalisation of the ports
  2. Christian Barnard
  3. Bristol Committee and Containerisation
  4. Industrial Relations Bill – TUC Retreat
  5. Frinkville Massacre and Vietnam War
  6. Containerisation
  7. Dock Labour Scheme under attack

Issue Ten


  1. Fight for a £37.50 wage
  2. Liverpool Dockers Union gets 100% control of hiring
  3. Defend The Ship Canal newspaper
  4. Modernisation and deconstruction of the Manchester dock
  5. History of the Dockers’ Union and why there are two trade unions representing dockers
  6. Joe Hill
  7. National Conference of Dock Shop Stewards
  8. Liverpool lead the way!


The Hook Issue 13 thehook13

The Hook Issue 14 thehook14

The Hook Issue 15 thehook15

The Hook Issue 16 thehook16

The Hook Issue 17 thehook17