What is the Anti-Fascist Archive?

This archive consists primarily of the literature, images and videos of Anti-Fascist Action and Red Action. However, there is also material from Workers’ Fight, the Anti-Nazi League and even from fascist groups such as the National Front.

If you want a taste of who AFA where, what they were about and what type of materials will be on this archive; give this video a watch:


Why the Archive? 

I wrote my undergraduate dissertation (2011) on militant anti-fascism in the 1980s and 1990s. During my research I was privileged to have been given access to a wealth of images and literature which I thought I would share for everyone to see. Whilst histories and information is fairly widely available on the Anti-Nazi League, Anti-Fascist Action’s more peaceful rival, histories are only just being written on AFA. Information is fairly scarce and consigned to former activists attics and wardrobes but, with the archive, all can see it! I hope this blog encourages other histories and assists people in creating the historical accounts.

This archive will serve as a lasting dedication to all those who have fought fascism globally.

You can donate to the Anti-Fascist Archive, to ensure its future. There is a bottom at the bottom of this page and to the left of every page.



Email: antifascistarchive@gmail.com

I am constantly on the lookout for any anti-fascist material. Particularly Red Action and, Anti-Fascist Action and its associated groups such as the Direct Action Movement.

If you have any literature, sticker or photographs please get in touch via email to make arrangements to send them.

More importantly if you have any corrections or thoughts on improvements please get in touch!


The Archivist

Word frequency diagramme from my dissertation:

If you use the materials on this site or want to see it secure for the future, please donate £3.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. excellent idea: I have them all but this makes them accessible. The AFA approach is, of course, of more than merely historic interest.

    Might be useful to include ANL stuff, antifa etc?

    • I am only able to put up what I am given. As my thesis regards militant anti-fascism I am obviously being given more AFA and Red Action material.

      I do have some ANL material which will make it up at some point. Antifa is a little different to AFA and ANL really, nothing near the scale (size and geographically) than AFA and ANL. This means the material isn’t as common.

  2. I’m interested in getting a copy of the issue of ‘Red action’ that had a report about the NF attacking the GLC Jobs for a change festival in June 1984; or anything concerning the festival. Also, anything on when the fash tried to attack an AFA meeting in, i think Conway hall, would’ve been around 1985 I think.

  3. Any photos from the GLC festival and stuff on the picket of Ian Stuart’s hotel would be appreciated too.

  4. Well spotted. very interesting site, it has given me loads of info for the book I’m writing. and guess what? You aint getting a donation.

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