Weekly Update 12

Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you to the person who donated £10 to the Archive.

A number of New Essays have been added, these include:

  • Blackshirts in Scotland
  • “Class before Race” British Communism and Race Relations post-war
  • Black Youth Rebellion in Modern Britain
  • British Communist Party and the Limits of the State in Tackling Racism
  • CPGB, Rock Against Racism and Youth Culture
  • CP and Race Relations in late 1960s
  • CPGB and Youth Culture 1976-1991

Last update saw a lot of material on the 1997 International Conference AFA held. A Fighting Talk Special which was published prior to this conference has been added.

A second part to the scrapbook has been uploaded. This contains more newspaper articles on fascism and its enemies.

From the Scrapbook Part Two I have added new fash stickers (15-19).

I have made an edit to my thesis on the request of an interviewee. This can be found on page 33.



The Archivist.

If you use the materials on this site or want to see it secure for the future, please donate £3.


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