Update 16

Small update but an important update in the world of anti-fascist archiving؟

Firstly, the Red Action Archives are now online. An enormously interesting and important website. Check it out and trawl through it!

Secondly, a huge thanks, again, to SM who has provided a large number of academic articles on fascism and anti-fascism. The subjects include: National Socialist Black Metal, fascism and anti-fascism in the USA, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Huddersfield; the politics of punks and unionism in the United States.

Next on the list is a Workers’ Fight pamphlet published in 1972: Racialism and the Working Class.

I have also uploaded three Red Action Bulletins.

Lastly, I have also written a review of the AFA Ireland pamphletUndertones.

I can give you some lovely statistics though! Firstly, having hit 50,000 views, I have a monthly breakdown of views and, next, a map of countries which have viewed the Archive.






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