Fash stickers.

Thanks to BH, JH, SM,  Liverpool Anti-Fascists, CW and J  for all the stickers!

Do you have corrections? Dates? Additions? Stories? Images? Simply comment them beneath the post or email them to antifascistarchive@gmail.com and I will amend accordingly.


6 thoughts on “fascist

  1. Good luck with the blog. i was never in Red Action but was around them from before they were RA. I was at the Leeds Carnival when the key players from London were expelled from Socialis worker and the rest is history. Wet cold Sundays stood on the coner of Liverpool road defending the paper seller pitch at Cheppel market with raging hangovers. those were the days. And some of the best people i have ever met.
    Millitant antifacism could never present in the same way due to CCTV and more sophisticated intelligence, but we need to get a discussion going to get something going

    • Spot on about CCTV Chris. As well as that, the other thing that’s totally transformed the political landscape is (obvious in context of this blog) the internet. Nowadays making a You Tube video is often easier than making an old-fashioned printed leaflet, and the for same the effort it takes to distribute one copy, in some cases you can end up distributing hundreds of thousands of copies. The other advantages are it costs nothing and the people who watch the videos all choose to, unlike with paper leaflets where alot of people who receive them just chuck them in the bin.

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