Leeds Anti-Fascists

This post will contain materials regarding anti-fascism in Leeds

“Though people are probably aware that the WIA ‘expose’ was set up by Searchlight, Searchlight also warned AFA against having any involvement in the expose! It is also worth noting that the letter from Leeds AFA attacking the makers and by extension Searchlight is signed by ‘Paul’. In the 1997 AFA inquiry into Leeds AFA as whole, ‘Paul’ admitted to being a Searchlight asset…” Joe Rielly.

  • Leeds AFA letter on an international militant anti-fascist meeting, but, it also contains criticisms of London AFA

International Anti-Fascist Conference

In 1997 Anti-Fascist Action organised an international militant anti-fascist conference. However, owing to pressure from Camden Council, Camden Irish Centre cancelled the booking last minute. Fortunately, AFA was able to pull off the conference despite the hitch.

A special Fighting Talk pamphlet was also produced. View it here thanks to DC.

Here are some newspaper articles about the Irish Centre cancelling the event.

  1. Anti-Fascists Booted out of Irish Centre (The Irish World, 3 Oct 1997)
  2. Irish Centre bans Anti-Fascist Rally (Irish Post, 4 Oct 1997)
  3. Double Standards over AFA (The Irish World, 3 Oct 1997)
  4. Anti-Fascists Banned from Irish Centre (Associated Press, 9 Oct 1997)
  5. Exclusive (The Irish World, 10 Oct 1997)
  6. “Far right, not organised in Ireland” (Letter from Dublin AFA to The Irish World, 10 Oct 1997)
  7. Hard Left Cash Bash (The Irish World, 26 Sept 1997)
  8. Anti-Racism Rally (The Irish World, 26 Sept 1997)

A report from the conference by a Seattle based group can be found here.

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