Update 14

Huge update this week thanks, again, to J. 

  • There is a new picture of French  militant anti-fascists.
  • Reposting of an article from Non Stop Apartheid Picket  about AFA’s defence of the picket
  • Lots of new stickers from Red Action, the IWCA, AFA, Connelly Society, TAL, the SWP and Workers Power! – Thanks J
  • Lots of new fascist stickers from the NF, Third Position, Independent Ulster Movement and the Patriotic Vegan and Vegetarian Society! – Thanks J
  • Couple of new newspaper articles on fascist activity in Scotland from 1991 and an article from 1994 on a Nazi gig being stopped (Articles with “<<” after it). – thanks to J
  • A load of local bulletins from Notts, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Tyne and Wear. – Thanks to J
  • A new post containing various Red Action publications.
  • 11-15 new leaflets on the Freedom of Movement, race attacks and the jailing of three anti-fascists.


I have created some geographical posts:

  1. Birmingham Anti-Fascists – contains their leaflets and a document on why they resigned from AFA, plus more
  2. Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Action – leaflets and a document on their activity, plus more
  3. Glasgow Anti-Fascist Action – leaflets on who they are and why they do it, plus more
  4. Leeds Anti-Fascists – interesting memo on World in Action claims on infiltrating Leeds AFA, plus more
  5. Leicester Anti-Fascists – document on an AFA conference
  6. Brighton Anti-Fascist Action – three interesting and heated letters between AFA and Searchlight.



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