My Thesis

Well this blog began in February as a way of making public all the material I had been given and discovered. I felt some of AFA’s primary material was at risk of being lost and, at the very least, not being widely available for those, like me, wishing to study AFA.

The material has been viewed on every continent  and I have received a number of emails about how the blog has helped with their personal study of anti-fascism. One was from Dr. Evan Smith at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

Although I’m not going to upload my thesis until it is marked (20th June) I will post my bibliography and a word cloud, mostly for my own memory recording.

I’d like to thank JH, LH, DC, DP, GO, LO, ST, SM, CW, SL and BH for their support and help. Much appreciated, seriously.

My bibliography – Public Bibiography

The Archivist


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