Sam Wild of Moss Side shouted: “Up the I.B.”

International Brigade leader Sam Wild of Moss Side was arrested at a Blackburn anti-Chamberlain demonstration alongside two other former International Brigadiers for being disorderly at a demonstration where he shouted “Up the I.B.” and “Down with Chamberlain”.

He was fined 5 shilling.

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Thanks to MB for sending me this newspaper clipping. He’s doing some great work at the Working Class Movement Library.


Spanish Civil War: Portraits

International Brigade Memorial Trust

Having seen the excellent work in finding images of International Brigade volunteers and then putting names to their faces on the International Brigade Memorial Trust Facebook page. All the information and photographs are from this Facebook page.

I have created this post with some of the images uploaded. More will be added in the future and as more information and photographs are put on the Facebook page. I hope this post will help keep the memory of the sacrifice and bravery made by the volunteers.

Please visit and support the International Brigade Memorial Trust.