Weekly Update 3

Here is a list of updates:

  • Searchlight literature has been put in its own post.
  • Ratchatcher: a documentry on an ex-NF member turned ANL (who subsequently turned AFA) has been uploaded to the internet from a discovered tape of the original.
  • Cable Street Beat: a magazine covering anti-fascist music! Visit the link to see three copies.
  • A new history of European anti-fascism book is in the works, covering the period 1914 to the present.
  • The final issues of Fighting Talk have been uploaded!!!

Thanks for everyones continued support!

Coming soon: The Intel Files and The Scrapbook.

Do you have corrections? Dates? Additions? Stories? Images? Simply comment them beneath the post or email them to antifascistarchive@gmail.com and I will amend accordingly.


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