Anti-Nazi League: A Critical Review

This document was written in 1995 and produced by the Colin Roach Centre. It examines the ANL in it’s first manifestation from 1977-1981 and in it’s second from 1992-1995.

The first section is written by an active participant of the ANL MK1 and the second portion written by an ex-member of Anti-Fascist Action.

The document can be downloaded here.

Here is the introduction:

The Anti-Nazi League is the largest and best-known anti-fascist organisation in Britain. Its placards and posters declare “no platform for fascists” and “by any mean necessary.” The reality is often different. In this pamphlet, written by two active anti-fascists, the record of the ANL between 1977-1981/2 is contrasted with its record since it was re-launched in 1992.

Much of the material is centred on east London, looking at the struggles against the National Front (NF) in the 1970’s and the British National Party in the 80’s and 90’s. The aim behind the pamphlet is to create discussion and debate, leading to action against the fascists and the system which helps to create them. Comments, favourable or otherwise, can be sent to the publishers of the pamphlet. The authors are both members of the Colin Roach Centre.



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