The Arrest of Patrick Hayes

I’ve not figured out how to copy or download the video from the ITN Source website. If anyone knows please comment or email at Click the links to view the video. — Thanks to Dan who downloaded these videos for me.

Patrick Hayes was a leading AFA member until his conviction. 

2 March 1993: Two men were detained in London in connection with the Harrods bomb on 28.1.93. Jan Taylor and Patrick Hayes were arrested at an address in Stoke Newington. Shots were fired at police as the men were arrested, and the development comes after officers released security video material of two men wanted in connection with the incident.

13 April 1993: Patrick Hayes and Jan Taylor appear in court charged with the bombing of Harrods and other incidents.

13 May 1993: Two Englishmen, Patrick Hayes and Jan Taylor who belonged to the IRA and took part in mainland bombing campaigns have been jailed for thirty years. The judge said they were evil men and neither of them showed any remorse for their actions.

18 September 1996:  The Home Office has confirmed that the sentences of 14 IRA terrorists will be re-examined because of contaminated equipment at a government forensic laboratory in Fort Halstead.


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