The Scrapbook

A massive thank you to CM who sent me a fantastic scrap book of clippings regarding anti-fascism. Another massive thanks to AJ who scanned it for me.

The Scrapbook is a 167 page PDF of articles on anti-fascism from 1977. The quality isn’t perfect so printing it off is the best way to properly view it.

*The Scrapbook*

Scrapbook Part Two is now available! The quality is better than the first but it is shorter. Again it contains newspaper article regarding anti-fascism, racism and fascism in Britain and Europe from 1991 – 1994.

*The Scrapbook Part Two*

Scrapbook Part Three. Shorter than the first, again, this contains newspaper articles regarding anti-fascism, racism and fascism in Britain and Europe from 1989 to 1991.

*The Scrapbook Part Three*

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