This post will host various Searchlight literature.


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6 thoughts on “Searchlight

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  2. Fair do’s ref links with Searchlight. I do have a few years worth of Searchlight mainly between 1980 – 1993 plus S/L pamphlets and copies of CARF between those years. Of interest or use to you?

  3. Tim Hepple’s book is interesting reading on many levels, but i would like to set the record straight on the incident where he is badly beaten by anti fascists – “obviously someone more serious than whingeing students was bothered about my activity”. (p.10). Apart from the irony that Hepple was a Music student himself, it was in fact an autonomous antifascist unit that comprised mainly students from Sheffield University that planned and carried this out. Having endured numerous daylight vicious assaults from Hepple and his NF/BNP cronies a decision was taken that this campaign was going to end. At the time we didnt know of the existence of AFA in South Yorks and they took no part in this action. I think its an early example of autonomy in a class action. Later, individuals would be involved in other offensive autonomous acts of anti fascism, and some of us set up R.A.P (Red/Anarchist/Punks). In hindsight Hepple got what he deserved and, were it not for the fact that he screamed like a stuck pig and drew attention to his plight would have got far worse. As it was he practically disappeared off the radar politically in Sheffield….

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