Tiocfaidh ár Lá: Celtic FC Anti-Fascist Fanzine

Links to back issues of TAL Fanzine can be found here. TAL was the first football fanzine to give political support to AFA and was the inspiration for the other fanzines at Man United and Villa… and TAL is still alive today!


TAL Ezine

Links for TAL Fanzine:
Website: www.talfanzine.com
Forum: www.talfanzine.org
Blog: www.talfanzine.info/blog


Archivist: Thanks for the email SL!

Here are some images of Celtic’s anti-fascist tradition:

The last image is of the electronic scoreboard greeting Celtic Fans Against Fascism that is attributed to Union Berlin is actually from TeBe Berlin and it did not involve a match against Celtic. Some members of CFAF and TAL were visiting Berlin and the anti-fascists at TeBe invited us to a home match and organised the scoreboard greeting for us.


Do you have corrections? Dates? Additions? Stories? Images? Simply comment them beneath the post or email them to antifascistarchive@gmail.com and I will amend accordingly.


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