Combat 18

Combat 18 (1 = A(dolf) 8 = H(itler) ) was an organisation set up to combat Anti-Fascist Action. It achieved some notoriety in the media and was blamed for the 1995 Lansdowne football riot in Dublin.
Here are some videos:

This report was done shortly after the Lansdowne riot and features Manchester AFA.

True Lies documentary:

World in Action did no less than three reports on C18:


These videos are thanks to the fantastic work of 45antifascist


Rochdale BNP

This is a video taken by a student on Rochdale BNP passed to anti-fascists. Ken Henderson ex BNP regional organiser from Rochdale is the main person being interviewed and the guy with beard at the begining is Peter Barker who runs the Northwestnationalists website

Pictures of the Fash

Assorted images of fascists.

  1. Darlington BNP
  2. Joey Owens – thanks BH
  3. Screwdriver
  4. British Movement Newham Branch
  5. Nick Griffin in London (1980s)
  6. Joey Owens and other BNP in Liverpool centre 1985 (source)

BNP Sunderland, 1992

One of the final BNP “march and grow” rallies. Sunderland, 1992.


Thanks to ST for these


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